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Zahras Jewelry - Our Guarantee

Zahras Jewelry sets high standards and we ensure that all items meet with the satisfaction of our customers.

Our creations are guaranteed against defects.  The customer agrees to accept our designs and crafting methods. Since we make customized jewelry specifically for your requirement, returns will not be entertained in any case except defects that we agree to. Substitutions and changes to design do not qualify as defects.

In all cases, customer should contact us within 3 days of receiving the item if he has any issue.

Customer agrees to slight changes in design compared to photographs used on the website. Where necessary, gold types will substituted and the price difference will be refunded, returns are not entertained in these cases.  If a particular design is not available, customer will be offered a similar design as a substitute.  Customer is advised to contacts Zahras Jewelry if he has any specific questions.

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.




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