The precision with which a diamond is cut and polished dictates the maximum amount of light the diamond will refract and reflect. The better It has been cut, the greater will be its brilliance, sparkle and fire.

How a diamond handles light

It is the cut that enables a diamond to make the best use of light. A well cut diamond is comprised of facets with the correct angles, which are perfectly placed to maximize the diamond's sparkle. Therefore, a diamond cut to good proportions will have more value than one which Is not.


1. Ideally cut: When a diamond is cut to good proportions, light entering a diamond is reflected from one facet to another and then dispersed back through the crown or top of the diamond.
2. Too deep: Light escapes through the opposite sIde of the pavilion or bottom.
3. Too shallow: Light escapes through the pavilion before it can he reflected.



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